Various options for use – effective protection
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Anti-theft system
IT equipment
The Police advise that visual, permanent and individual tagging of IT equipment is an essential measure to prevent from theft and increases the chance to identify and recover stolen or lost items.

With our security marking tags you can reduce your rate of losses by up to 90 % and you greatly increase the chance of recovering stolen or lost devices!

92 % of companies lose notebooks through theft alone. The damages considerably exceed the costs to replace the hardware. Loss of internal data, employee downtimes and much more besides prevent smooth operations and cause unnecessary additional costs.

The XPM security marking tag offers safe anti-theft protection for your IT hardware.
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Mobile valuables
High quality mobile valuables are THE number one target for criminals, irrespective of the sector.

Clinics, hotels, public facilities... The number of thefts is stagnating at a consistently high level. Millions of Euros worth of damages are incurred by providers each year.
Passive anti-theft protection is innovative and effective. Secured objects are not of interest to thieves.

Both the XPM marking tag and the STOP iD marking tag are suitable for this application area.
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Bicycles are also attractive stolen goods – there was an increase by 7.2 % last year.
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Express your innovative image. Provide your employees with effective promotional media. Change you notebooks into mobile advertising spaces by labelling them with your company logo. Set yourself apart from the competition.