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The STOPiD security marking tag protects your equipment with unbeatable strength and cannot be removed from the equipment surface without causing major damage.

The LC system – a special resin coating – protects the printed information and is resistant to all types of chemicals. Your equipment can be identified anywhere in the world with our 24 hour hotline and brought back to you.

The STOPiD marking tag offers you complete freedom for design - whether it is the format or colour. We can incorporate a company logo, barcode/QR code or individual texts in the design as required. Use the STOPiD marking tag and make your company unique.
Our quality promise
• Weather and temperature-proof materials and resistant to all types of solvent, abrasion and chemicals
• Extreme surface adhesion capacity and durability with the micro-alveolar system
• High performance adhesive for a perfect bond between the security marking tag and equipment
• Accurate fit with flexible material and rounded corners
• The surface of the label convinces with brilliant colour