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XPM – innovative security marking system
Each XPM marking is manufactured in ultra-resistant materials. When combined with a special powerful adhesive it literally welds itself to the equipment forming a bond which is virtually irremovable without substantial damage to the surface.

Thanks to the patented manufacturing system the unique insert bearing the important ID and recovery information, is injected into the heart of the ID marking becoming a well-protected integral part of the system.

The system is resistant to solvents, chemicals and other cleaning agents, and in the case of a malicious attempt to remove the plate, the important recovery information remains intact and welded to the equipment.

When missing equipment has been found, the international Euro-ID recovery network verifies the finder and identifies and locates the item. The protected equipment is then retrieved and returned to its rightful owner. It will be sent anywhere in the world free of charge usually within 24 hours.
Our quality promise
• Resistant to all types of solvent, abrasion and chemicals
• Extreme surface adhesion capacity and durability with the micro-alveolar system
• High performance adhesive for a perfect bond between the label and equipment
• Weather and temperature-proof materials (core, frame)
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