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With our international Service-Hotline 00800 - 830 810 00 and the communication option on the internet, the STOP iD network can be reached at anytime from anywhere in the world. You can check where a piece of equipment comes from, report a theft or keep an inventory of your equipment stocks.
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International database

Protect and manage your assets with your personal database. Each asset is recorded on the Euro-ID database along with its unique tracking number. This provides a link between the owner and the equipment. This secure database is accessible to registered users via the internet (computer or Smartphone) anywhere in the world. They will be provided with individual account numbers and access codes to ensure complete security of information. The Euro-ID database is totally secure from unauthorised visitors. The ability to make changes is limited to account holders with controlled access. Processing the database is also possible offline at anytime by using a system download.

Anyone who comes across a stolen item can report the find on the Euro-ID website or by calling the international freephone number: 00 800 830 810 00
If the finder calls, the company will check their records and contact the registered owner to verify the current status of the equipment.

You can place your trust in a strong international partner with our branches in more than 18 countries.